Lucretia A. Diplan, Praise For Tamari and Strong Tower

I had the great privilege of meeting Mrs TAMARI SHUNDA in March 2019 at a Nursing and Rehab Center in Rockville where she was working. My beloved daughter and only child, 58, had been admitted there after one of the innumerable surgeries sustained along the years as complications of her very severe form of Progressive Multiple Sclerosis which had turned her into a total invalid. Because I was never leaving my daughter’s bedside whenever she was admitted at a hospital/rehab facility, I was there 24/7 for 5 months in a row. I was able to watch/interact with Miss Tamari on a daily basis. She is not a medical professional. Her background is Business Administration and her function at the facility was an organizational and coordination one. However, she was very frequently volunteering whenever her duties were allowing it to help the busy medical personnel in taking care of their patients like feeding them, helping with their daily custodial care or stopping by in their room to comfort them. One of her beneficiaries was my daughter. It was in that capacity I had the distinct honor to learn what kind of a special person Miss Tamari was. I am a now-retired family doctor in my early eighties. I have met, interacted with and watched at work cohorts of individuals in my lifetime as one can imagine. My ten fingers are too many to name people gifted with a moral compass, work ethics and dedication, compassion, patience, understanding and generosity like Miss Tamari. I have wondered many times why she didn’t decide to embrace the medical profession. She is an amazing human being and a very intelligent, organized and hard worker and coordinator. A trait which always matters very much to me and my family is also that Miss Tamari is a very spiritual and religious person.

In August 2019, while being still admitted at the Rehab Facility, my beloved daughter departed this earth due to complications of MS leaving me and my whole family forever devastated and inconsolable.

Besides my close family, the only person constantly by my side throughout the whole painful process that followed the irreparable loss of my only child was this exceptional human being whose name is Tamari Shunda. She surrounded me with her compassion and moral support ever since and, to this day, after over a year since our loss, she is still regularly inquiring about the way I am feeling and coping.

When I found out she is the owner of a home health care agency, I was simply elated to learn it. I don’t know another person more competent than this Wonder Woman to instill her high moral values and work ethics to her work team at Strong Tower Home Health. 


      Lucretia A. D.