Maristela Oliveira – StrongTower has helped my family tremendously

Strong Tower Home Heath Services have been an excellent company and has helped my family tremendously.  We wholeheartedly appreciate their assistance and admire their diligence. It has been some troubling times, but the nurses that have came to our home have provided great care for my sister in law. They even taught us how to use the machines and tools they use in order for us to manage while they’re away. The cleanliness is also noteworthy as they are very keen to make sure the house is safe for my sister in law. The amount of empathy that they express towards their patients is something that made my family feel comfortable around them. The nurses always make sure to fill us on the activities that they have done before leaving. The owner of the company, Tamari, is excellent. She always checks in and makes sure that her caregivers are performing well. All in all, they have done so much for my sister in law to a point where I cannot express my gratitude fully.

Maristela O.