Reducing Physical Injury Occurrence in Seniors.

Geraldine is just twenty four years old and had just returned from school for a break, while every other member of her immediate family went out for their individual daily activities, Geraldine will be staying home today with her grand-dad.

At about 7:10am that very chilly morning, just before her mum turned on her car engine to go for work, she had called out to her daughter Geraldine, in order to remind her not to forget about Grandpa’s appointment with the Doctor, since she was going to have a very busy day at work and will not have the time to be back home before close hour in order to take grandpa for his monthly check up at the state hospital.

“Geraldine, the taxi driver will be here by 12pm, do make sure to be ready before then, so you do not keep him waiting.” Her mum stressed.

It was 10 am, the buzz from Geraldine’s phone was loud enough to jerk her up from the nap she decided to take. She walked lazily out of her room, into the sitting room, where her Grandpa sat cozily on a couch watching Disney channel.

“Grandee, your check up is today and you will need to go inside and change from your knickers into pants, the taxi driver will be here in less than two hours.” Geraldine said, wrapping her hands around her granddad with a peck to his cheeks.

“Okay, okay, that’s alright.” Said the old man, as he picked up his walking stick beside him, stood up, then walked to his room, placing each foot ahead of the other with a lot of care and attention.

At about 11:32pm, Geraldine was all set, she sat on a couch in the sitting room, waiting for grandpa to step out, so they could leave, the driver was early, he arrived at exactly 11:30am.

“Papa,” she called out, but there was no response.

“Grandee, you ready?” She called out again, yet, there was still no response. She stood up, and then walked towards Grandpa’s room, just before she placed her hand on the door knob to push it open,

“Pa, the driver is here, we’ve gotta go.” She said as she pushed the door open, only to find his granddad sitting on the floor, looking all tired and sad.

“Pa?” “Why are you on the floor?” She asked. “I fell down…” “I was trying to…”

Apparently, while Geraldine’s Grandpa was trying to wear his pants, he felt dizzy, his vision blurred, so he missed his steps and fell to the ground. Lifting himself up was a problem, so he sat down there, looking at his bruised ankles and knees.

As parents age, a lot of factors can contribute to incidence of falls around their supposedly safe space, as a result of this, it is then very important to ensure that it is prevented or at least reduced considerably.

Vitamin D supplements have been recommended to be very helpful by health personnel to build firmer bones. The space occupied by the elderly should not be cluttered and the need for good lighting around the house to enhance clearer vision cannot be overlooked.

Minor exercises should be encouraged and practiced to improve balance. Stairways should have firm railings for support.  Avoid unnecessary movement that could lead to falls. We recommend having someone nearby to support patients.

These are all areas where the services of health personnel are critical to a patient’s success. This is where we come in.  Strong Tower Home health Services, LLC is a dedicated team of caring individuals.  Our strength is rooted in our understanding and practice of true compassion and empathy. We provide top notch home care services to our clients.  Our services include Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Companionship, Medication Management.  All of this can be done in the comfort of our client’s home. We do it all with a loving heart ensuring a safe and caring environment for your loved one/s. We treat our patients the way that we would want our own mother and father to be treated.

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